First Time?

First of all, welcome!


We know visiting a new church can be intimidating, 

but we want you to have an amazing first experience

when you come to Mountain View.

When you arrive, you will be met by our

Welcome Team, who will gladly show you around. 

If you have any questions, please contact us! 

what to expect

When you arrive on campus you will be greeted by our welcome team, who will help direct you wherever you need to go: nursery, student ministries, restroom facilities, or worship center.

In the worship center, you will be met by our friendly greeters who will help you find a comfortable place to sit.


If you need any help during the service, you can find an usher at the back of the worship center.

During your visit, you will receive a Welcome Packet with some helpful resources to make your time with us more enjoyable!

the service

We want you to have a respectful and relevant worship at Mountain View!

We believe that the Bible has relevant answers to today's questions. You can expect to hear a clear and helpful presentation of the Gospel, that will bless, challenge, and encourage you, as you live the Christian life!


Mountain View Baptist Church has many opportunities to connect with others, who are on a similar life journey as you. As well as opportunities to serve God with your God-given gifts and talents. See you Sunday!