Beginner's Class  |  Age 2-4

Beginners enjoy a special class just for them led by a loving and caring teacher.

Beginner's Class involves a Bible lesson, games, snacks, playtime, and crafts.

Beginner's Class is available Sunday AM and Wednesday PM!


Primary Class  |  K-3rd Grade

Primary kidz are involved in 2 classes!

Kidz Zone is a fun and structured class available during the Sunday morning worship,

where kidz have the opportunity to learn about Christ and the Bible on their level.

Patch the Pirate Club is a dynamic kidz program,

based on the Word of God and godly character-building activities!

Patch the Pirate Club meets on Wednesdays at 6:45pm!

Junior's Class  |  4th-6th Grade

We truly believe that our children are the future of MVBCLV! 

We desire for them to understand the importance of serving in the local church,

and to learn much about the Word of God at a young age.

Juniors remain in the worship center on Sunday mornings to worship with their family,

and are involved in Patch the Pirate Club on Wednesday at 6:45pm!